Competitor Rules

  • Return and refunds on tickets and registrations- There are no refunds on any purchases for entry.
  • Competitors must be 16 years old to participate
  • Competitors will be disqualified if: perform back flips, derogatory-dance, hand gestures, or vocals on stage
  • Competitors cannot be under any active contractural agreements with Alphalete Athletics
  • Please follow all rules of Venue- You will be asked to leave if individuals cannot follow house rules
  • Competitors cannot be active IFBB Pro Card holders

Covid 19

  • We want to ensure that each Competitor and Guest are safe throughout our event. We do not have any mandatory measures in place, but will continue to exercise what the city has in place for everyone's safety.
  • Competitors DO NOT need to wear a mask on stage
  • Competitors may wear a mask at any time if they so choose
  • We will separate divisions by times to ensure backstage competitors are properly distanced
  • Social distancing reminders will be posted throughout the venue
  • Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the venue